World Cancer Day Activities

The National Institute for Oncology, in cooperation with the Prevention Company for Medical Supplies, celebrated World Cancer Day, which falls on (the fourth of February of each year)

This year the world celebrates World Cancer Day under the slogan “This is me, and this is what I will do.”

Where the annual statistics of cancer cases during the year 2020 were reviewed, and the statistic for all those who visited the institute.

The projects that were implemented during the past years and the modern equipment were displayed, as well as honoring some public bodies that had a footprint within the National Cancer Institute.

(Annual statistics) – 1,493 cases were registered during the past year, 60% of them were patients from outside Misrata

In the city of Misurata – Dr. Mamdouh Al-Dahmani, head of the cancer registry unit at the institute, confirmed that 1493 cases were registered with tumors during the past year, 843 of them were females, 549 were males, in addition to 101 children.

Dr. Mamdouh Al-Dahmani explained at the celebration of the World Cancer Day held by the institute on Thursday afternoon, that the number of injuries that were recorded during the past year increased by 350 cases over the previous year, indicating that the institute became unable to provide medicine to all its patients due to the increase in cases.

And he continued that the western region topped the number of oncology patients received by the institute, which amounted to 733 injuries (59.8%), then Misurata patients, who numbered 339 cases (27.5%), explaining the decrease in the number of patients in the eastern regions (62 injuries) and the southern regions (94 injuries). The conditions of aggression on Tripoli, and the shortage of fuel

Dr. Mamdouh Al-Dahmani pointed out that “breast cancer” was at the forefront of cancers that were recorded during the past year with 322 cases, followed by colon cancer with 237 cases, then lung cancer with 151 cases, lymphoma with 84 injuries and prostate cancer 54 infection.

The city of Misurata was at the forefront of the cities that the institute received with 338 injuries, then Tripoli with 279 injuries, the fifth with 171 injuries, then Zliten with 156 injuries, so it cursed with 48 injuries

Dr. Mamdouh Al-Dahmani stressed the need for comprehensive awareness, adding that the medical and assistant medical staff at the institute are decreasing in contrast to the number of patients whose numbers are increasing annually, reminding the importance of healthy eating and exercise.

The director of medical services at the institute, Dr. Abu Bakr Abu Nawf, pointed out that the oncology patient is a special patient, as it requires a long treatment journey of diagnosis, endoscopes and tissue analysis before arriving to learn whether to follow the therapeutic or surgical intervention, adding that since its opening 17 years ago, the institute has provided a service Great humanity.

In his turn, the Director General of the Institute, Dr. “Muhammad Al-Faqih” reviewed the development that the institute went through and the development efforts witnessed by its departments and units, in addition to the educational role of the institute, especially in localizing treatment at home, expressing his aspiration to start organ transplantation at the institute, starting with marrow transplantation. To obtain permission regarding it from the National Program for Organ Transplantation.

After that, some public bodies that had an imprint roll within the National Cancer Institute were honored.