The administrative structure


About the Administration of Institute

There are several offices in the administrative building for the proper conduct of work, and among these offices: the archives office, the personnel office, the financial department and others. Committees are also run through the administration that oversee employee requirements and hold meetings to discuss matters related to the institute.

The Internal Regulatory Hierarchy OF the National Cancer institute

Prof. Muhammad Ahmad elFaqieh

General Manager

Dr. Ali Muhammad Al-Circassi
The assistant manager

Moftah Mukhtar Issa
Legal Affairs Office

Dr.Omar Mohammed Al-Qawi
Human Resources Development Office

Dr. Naji Jamal Al-Zobeya
Office of Quality Control and Patient Safety

Mohammed Salem Al-Dadi
Administration of Administrative and Financial Affairs

Abdul Salam Saeed Al Akhtal
Office of Inspection and Follow-up

Abdul Karim Moussa Al Hajj
Office of Internal Audit

Dr. Al-Zarrouk Mahmoud Al-Majdoub
Pharmacy and Medical Supply Department

Akram Khalil Abu Ruqba
Technical and engineering affairs management

Dr. Abu Bakr Muhammad Abu Shnaf
Medical Affairs Administration

Abdul Aziz Muhammad Falaq
Financial Department

Mohammed Khalil Ferjani
Medical stores departmentا

Khaled Mohammed Abu Slah
Department of Electrical and Mechanical Maintenance

Khaled Salem Alnas
Employees Affairs Department

Amnah al kamel Muhammad
Archives Department

Dr. Abd al-Wahhab Muhammad Ba'ayo
Department of Medicines and Medical Supplies

Fatima Al-Bashir Atshishah
Department of Nursing

Mohammed Suleiman Abujaib
Equipment maintenance department

Abdul Hamid Mufid Al-Raeed
Department of Medical Records

Mohammed Salem Al Samadi
Department of reception

Mona Yahya bin Sharia
Department of Social and Psychological Services

Ahmed Omar Zaqoq
Department of Information, Awareness and Health Education

.Dr. Ali Muhammad Al-Circassi
scientific Committee