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It is one of the institutes specialized in diagnosing and treating tumors in Libya. The National Institute for Cancer Treatment was established as a small institute by self-effort.

It was developed and then resettled in the village of Nisour Al-Jaw, after several difficulties encountered, and it was opened on 09/19/2004 AD and provided some medicines and medical supplies, and some available equipment and daily operating materials, as well as emptying a number of medical elements auxiliary to the work of the institute was limited to the beginning of the institute. On giving doses of chemotherapy to cancer patients, but the unbridled desire to develop and improve the level of performance of the institute contributed to obtaining approvals for the purpose of opening the door for donations in favor of the development of the institute, which was launched with the beginning of 2005, and also the intensification of public and private efforts, which had a great impact on developing and equipping The institute becomes the institute with “26” rooms equipped with “120” beds, lounges for operations, intensive care, a medical laboratory and a diagnostic radiology building, in addition to the rest of the service facilities, as well as opening clinics in various specialties for diagnosis.

With the beginning of 2007 AD, the financial independence of the institute was approved, and a budget was allocated for it from the general budget, through which the required needs were provided .. and the development of the institute’s building and maintenance of some buildings .. and the transfer of medical and auxiliary and service elements to work at the institute .. and the conclusion of national work contracts to cover the shortage in Various specializations … and obtaining approvals to recruit and contract with specialized expatriate medical and auxiliary personnel … and provide the institute with stationery, cleaning materials and some necessary service needs … and support the institute with supplies. And medical equipment.

The National Cancer Institute contains laboratories of Biotechnology Research Center in Misrata, in which scientific research is conducted on diagnosing and treating tumors by partial and protein methods from tumor tissues and analyzing RNA and DNA. These methods include extracting the genetic material Sequencing DNA and also by methods for determining the quantitative PCR sequences by means of regular scientific sequential interaction and then conducting studies about genetic mutations of the Kras gene in colon cancer, Breast Cancer and molecular detection of HER2 virus.

In addition, other studies were carried out on the production of the HPV gene and its types in cervical cancer; a study on the molecular detection of EBV virus in lymphoma types in tumor patients in adenocarcinoma; another search for BRAF genetic mutations; as well as a study on the genetic mutation of the p53 gene in colon and rectal cancer. These studies include Molecular and oncology studies are carried out by postgraduate students at the Faculty of Science – Misrata University and the Libyan Academy – Misrata Branch. The Research and Scientific Studies Department also oversees the publication of annual statistics on tumor cases at the institute, it guides scientific research of graduation projects and all technical departments of the faculty. It provides them with data and supervises the completion of their scientific projects. The department is interested in encouraging doctors and researchers to participate in scientific conferences, seminars, workshops and publish their research in scientific journals specialized in oncology.


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