The Annual statistics for the number of reported cases at the institute for the year 2020

The Statistics from the National Institute of Oncology showed that there were 157,256 reported cases in the institute’s departments during the past year.

The number of patients attending the outpatient clinics reached about 41,258, most of which were in the internal medicine department, which recorded about 12,936 cases, while the number of sick cases in the admission department reached 6,123, of which 2076 were in the pediatric clinic.

The statistics showed that the operations department performed about 1563 operations, including 729 surgeries, and the endoscopy department recorded about 1066 operations, including 571 upper endoscopic operations.

The statistics indicated that the radiology department photographed 6,448 images, 2110 of which were ICU images, while the radiotherapy department recorded about 511 cases.

And recorded in the records of the blood bank, about 5457 samples were taken, of which 3283 samples matched the species. About 3308 samples were recorded in the tissue section, of which 1825 were tissue samples.

As for the Department of Chemotherapy, it awarded about 10,551 doses, and that physical therapy treated about 1,244 patients.

As for the deaths during the year 2020, which the institute recorded in its records, about 281 deaths.

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