Conference Hall

The expertise Center was established in 2013 which includes a group of halls that vary between conference rooms to classrooms and a computer lab, in which scientific conferences, workshops and other activities are organized:

– A main conference hall fully equipped with displays, data, audio systems, screens, etc.,
It organizes scientific conferences, celebrations, seminars and workshops in this hall.
– 2 medium sized classrooms where training and study courses are held.
– An electronic medical library equipped and connected to the Internet, accessible to all.
– A medical library that includes many specialized medical books and contains tables and chairs for reading.
– Medical laboratory.
– Many administrative offices and service facilities in the center.

Expertise and Research Center offices:

– Libyan Fellowship Office (Libyan Board of Medical Specializations).
– Arab Fellowship Office (Arab Board of Medical Specializations).
– Libyan Society for Emergency Medicine.
– Office of the Young Doctors Association.
– Libyan Society for Endoscopy.