Breast Cancer Awareness Month

In light of the awareness campaign for the early detection of breast cancer, which was launched during the month of October, the “Awareness Month to Reduce the Spread of Breast Cancer”

A number of awareness lectures will be held at the El-Ghiran Clinics Complex – Misurata:

Breast cancer and the importance of early detection

Dr.. Hanan Sweissi “Hematologist and Oncologist”

* Breast cancer stats

Dr.. Mona Abu Sanouqa “Community Medicine Specialist”

The role of radiology in diagnosing breast cancer

Dr.. Sakina Al-Suwaie

Diagnostic Radiologist.

* With mental health, I resisted the disease

Dr.. Mona Yahya bin Sharia

Psychologist .

There will be a paragraph for a patient who has recovered from the disease and tells the details of her story.

And that will be next Saturday, corresponding to 10/09/2021 at the Al-Ghairan Clinics Complex.

At 10:30 am.

Public invitation to attend, benefit and participate