An interview with Dr. Muhammad Al-Faqih on Misurata FM Radio about the depletion of chemotherapy drugs

The head of the National Cancer Institute, Dr. Muhammad Al-Fakih, made a statement on Misurata Radio FM about the seriousness of the situation and the repercussions that occurred due to the depletion of chemotherapy drugs in the institute. Prof. Mohammed Al-Faqih warns of a health catastrophe that will affect approximately “25 thousand” people with cancer, as a result of the depletion of drug stocks in treatment centers.

A delegation from the notables of the Misurata Municipal Council visited the National Institute for Cancer Treatment, where they were received by the Institute’s Director General, Head of Administrative and Financial Affairs and a number of department heads, in order to see the progress of work inside the Institute and the shortage of medicines and to get closely acquainted with the extent of the suffering that patients are going through. Every time while they were receiving “chemical doses”, especially after Prof. Muhammad al-Faqih, director general of the institute, because medicines have run out from the main stores, and that this matter is very worrying and is tantamount to attempted murder.