The libyan breast cancer conference

Scientific program:

Breast Cancer and Cell Biology                   •Breast cancer staging

Breast Cancer Surgery                         •Breast Cancer and Immunotherapy

Breast cancer imaging                                •Breast cancer psychosocial


Breast Cancer Research



Main topics



Breast cancer awareness                                         

Breast cancer genetics

Breast imaging

Pathological types of breast cancer

Endocrine resistance

Breast cancer staging

HER2 positive breast cancer

Breast cancer Immunology &immunotherapy

Breast cancer during pregnancy

Breast Cancer Management


Breast-conserving surgery and mastectomy



Adjuvant endocrine therapy

Local therapy

Locoregional therapy

Neoadjuvant therapy

Palliative care

 Breast cancer pathology


Rehabilitation Survivorship after treatment

Symptom management

Triple negative breast cancers

Psychosocial approach and breast cancer


Free paper presentation